Spring Cleaning Part 1: My Soul


 Announcements of the imminent arrival of SPRING surround me. Songbirds sing in the trees, pastel Easter wreaths decorate neighborhood doors and I insist that, yes child, it’s time to put away your (pretty) reindeer winter

Spring Cleaning Part 1: My Soul2021-03-31T13:56:11-07:00

Grief and Love


This image is loaded with grief and love; it was taken mere days after my glioblastoma diagnosis when I was in the thick of grieving my prognosis and grasping to hold on to this man,

Grief and Love2020-11-20T10:17:13-08:00

Advent Letter 2019


This post is dedicated to the loving memory of my friend, Charlene Krause. I tried to start writing this letter explaining it’s purpose, explaining my history of writing Advent letters, and the purpose of

Advent Letter 20192019-12-03T14:50:38-08:00
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