About Cheryl Rostek


Who am I? 

Since being diagnosed with aggressive Stage 4 glioblastoma brain cancer in fall 2016 and given a prognosis of 12-18 months survival, this is exactly the question I’ve been striving to figure out.  

Glioblastoma takes all the simple questions and makes them SO complicated! 

Days before my diagnosis I was a fun-loving mom of 3 young children: a 4 year old daughter and 11 month old boy-girl twins.  I loved to be active, explore, and squeeze the most out of life alongside my loving husband of 14 years, Ryan.  I was upbeat, optimistic, faith-filled, high-energy and enjoyed my career as a Pharmacist.  

Suddenly, my new job became staying well!  As the acute trauma of my diagnosis and treatment subsided, my new job description became to inspire and empower others by dispensing the powerful medication of HOPE.   My memoir (in progress) journeys through my brain cancer story which is tightly woven with motherhood. Here I unpack existential questions; explore the importance of a healthy perspective and meaningful connection; investigate the strengths and challenges of my personality; and ultimately come to believe I can personally have a positive impact on my own health and longevity.     

When I’m not mothering or writing I enjoy running, hiking, and exploring nature with my family.  And my absolute favorite place to be is the lake. There’s never a bad day at the lake!


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