Thin Places

Introduction When glioblastoma thrust me close to death I was intimately aware of the Divine. She was readily within reach; I touched the corner of

The Dark Night of the Soul

Meeting with God “Where do you meet with God?” The leader of the meditation/spiritual circle I attend on Friday mornings asked. “Close your eyes and

Advent Letter 2023

“I’m very delighted to be with you in Advent. I look forward to hearing why it is ‘just the best ' for you :)” Lorie,

We Must Get Home

Anxiety Anxiety found me yesterday, making it difficult to cook dinner, squeezing my chest and this time churning in my gut. How odd my jaw

Letting Go

“Here's the thing. Your career won't take care of you. .. It’s never going to leave its wife. It will never marry you… your career

MRI Day…and Results

MRI Day   Scantastic “How was your MRI?” My husband, Ryan, asks when I walk through the backdoor. “Was it scantastic?” I chuckle and think,

Christmas Letter 2022

Here we are again, another Christmas in the books! I’m late to write this letter, not because I don’t have any good things to say

Advent Letter 2022

Advent In the Christian tradition we have entered Advent: the anticipation of Jesus’ arrival, the anticipation of Christmas. Christmas: “the most wonderful time of the

Vault Opening Day

Party Time! It is my twins’ seventh birthdays. The celebration is a weeklong affair inclusive of two friend parties, two family parties, too much cake

Six Year Glioblastoma Survivor!

Survivor Anniversary A week ago my friend, Sarah, asked me, “How does it feel? Your six year survivor anniversary is approaching?”  Honestly, I hadn’t even

Love is the pathway

End of Life Wisdom I have learned over the past few years that love is a reliable pathway. (disclaimer- I'm uncertain of *where* exactly this

Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand. It is the greatest gift anyone can give.

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