Here I am enjoying my new place of “retreat”: the deck. We got this fabulous outdoor furniture and our whole family loves it, Fritz included, in fact there he is sitting on a chair beside me having a bath! So though the day is cool and overcast and I am wearing 2 sweaters, have a blanket, and have my fluffy lamb slippers on (truly why not wear them outside since I haven’t had much opportunity to don them since my mom gave them to me in April), I am thoroughly enjoying this opportunity to retreat to the outdoors, while enjoying the convenience of being at home!

This is a blog of a different sort for me today. Perhaps it is more of what you expect from most blogs: an update of the past days in my life. I am excited to take this opportunity to sit down and write. It feels I have been away from my word documents too much lately, caught up in the busyness of work, I suppose? Whatever the reason, it is good to write, but at the same time I don’t know that I have any pearls to share and so it will be.

Race Day: Race day was more than I had hoped it to be. I felt great that day! My legs were strong, my lungs were fit, and as the race progressed I experienced the fuel of competition and race day excitement that drove my performance. I finished well and am proud of my first half-marathon time of 2 hours 47 seconds.* At the finish line I was greeted by Ryan and friends, how fabulous to do this together! And my friend gave me a lovely card at the finish line which she had made. Its words were perfect for that day, it read: “prayer for a symbolic day, persevere, strength to endure, comfort in His love to rest”. I called the day a beautiful ‘distraction’ but it was more than that and I am glad my soul was well that day.

Now to hope that summer weather will actually come. Regardless of the weather, however, I look forward to watersliding, white water rafting, hiking, camping (if we get organized enough), and putting the zodiac boat in the lake. And of course, enjoying time in the fresh outdoors, even while at home!!!! Ryan and I stop to acknowledge how lucky we are to live where we do on many occasions. I walk to the grocery store and I soak in the view of the mountains. I wake each morning to look out my living room window to see how much snow has melted off Cheam mountain. If we want to go for a hike, it’s minutes away to the trail head. I was out at Cultus Lake this morning running in the forest (aka the horse trails). I take one step outdoors and I can immediately smell nature. The air out here smells so green. You can smell the trees and water and air. I love it! This is where I live! Day in day out, this is home! Breathe deep the blessings!

(*I am thankful for my running partner, Sarah. There is no way I could have done this race without her. And to boot she’s an awesome personal trainer/group fitness instructor to help anyone with their fitness goals, whatever they are. Check her out at