Today I am a 4 year Glioblastoma survivor! This IS worth celebrating! (So I did, last night with some great lighthearted fun and I laughed more than I have in months! It felt so good.)  This is a BIG deal.🎉🎉🎉

I have worked hard to heal from the trauma of my diagnosis, treatment and prognosis to reach a place of calm. This past year, being emotionally capable, I engaged with other glioblastoma warriors on social media. The physical and emotional devastation of this disease is ENORMOUS.

As I celebrate my #cancerversary I also mourn those who were stolen too soon: moms, daughters, dads, sons, brothers, sisters, friends. Sadly glioblastoma survivors usually die within months and cannot advocate for themselves or for greater funding for glioblastoma awareness and research.

So who *will* advocate for this disease???

Today as I celebrate survival, I am acutely aware that I STILL HAVE A VOICE – and so do YOU! Join me in declaring awareness of GLIOBLASTOMA, of BRAIN CANCER and reminding others this October, #notallcancerispink.

Thank you! I appreciate you all and your prayers and health-filled vibes.



PS. I’ve been so busy living (and, lets be honest, homeschooling in spring, figuring out new routines everywhere, and having all my kids around ALL THE TIME!) that I haven’t gotten around to mentioning my good news from summer: ANOTHER STABLE MRI SCAN with no signs of growth.  By God’s grace I am 4 years from glioblastoma diagnosis and THRIVING!  (Sorry for shouting so much in this post.  I’m just a wee bit excited and rather amped up.)