It is hard to believe that August is wrapping up and soon fall and all the programs it brings will be ramping up. And as I title my blog entry today, I reflect nostalgically on the days when my summer vacation was 2 months long! Well I’m not that hard done by, but I could have handled a few extra days off this summer to embark on more adventure and build into relationships; but the 13 days off that I mustered (working 9 days in a row to get the extra days off felt like it nearly killed me this go around!) were filled with much warmth and friendship.

It is always good to go back home. Saskatchewan. Home. And this summer Ryan and I enjoyed making a road trip out of it. We charted new territory heading to Swift Current. In fact it felt odd to enter Banff from “the other side”. On the way we popped into Okotoks for a free bed and to give our nephew and niece hugs and kisses; my sister and her family are quite well situated for a mid trip visit. Rolling into Swift Current you realize why “life makes sense” (their slogan) there: it’s because not much changes in 9 months. It’s a thrill to spot the one or two minor changes that may have occurred. This year there was an addition to the regional college and *gasp* an LED sign placed at the bottom of the overpass (my mother has decided this sign does NOT make sense to her).

We had a great time celebrating mom’s 60th birthday along with many relatives by having a BBQ and cake in park. I had fun organizing the BBQ and it was a big success. It was good to reconnect with aunts and uncles, cousins, and new additions to my cousins’ families. We later were able to head to our friends’ place for dessert; friends that we met in Saskatoon, reconnected with in Chilliwack, and now who live in Swift Current!

Pack up the car from Mom and Dad’s place and next stop Palliser Beach on Diefenbaker lake. Pit stop: Ryan’s aunt and uncle’s place in Herbert. We enjoyed a nice visit (and delicious cheese and bacon biscuits!!!) at Ryan’s aunt and uncles before connecting with our dear friends Brad and Ashley at Palliser Beach. Our time there was beautiful, including 3 straight days of mysteriously calm south Saskatchewan weather. The guys ripped it up on the wakeboard and all our bellies were so full from the delicious eats that they felt as big as Ashley’s belly (she’s 8 months pregnant!) We cleaned up the cabin at Palliser Beach (thanks Ashley’s mom and dad!) and headed up to Saskatoon: last stop on our Saskatchewan journey!

In Saskatoon we had supper with Grandma Braun one night, another night was dinner with the whole Rostek family and some extra alone time visiting with Grandma Rostek. I was able to visit my good friend Erin. And Ryan and Brad even managed to get tickets to the Rider game and drive down to Regina for an evening (Ashley, Erin and I enjoyed the game from the comfort of the couch)! Nice to visit family and friends in Saskatoon, but we sure do find it to be a busy city these days.

Then it was pack up and drive home time! More quality time with my awesome hubby, a brief one night stay in Valemount on the drive home and arrival back to our welcoming kitty cat in lovely Chilliwack!

And that was my summer vacation!