(I apologize for the cheesy title, but with a blog about slugs I surely had to come up with a somewhat creative title.)
This spring I find myself longing to see a slug or even better a family of slugs.  I do not remember the exact first time I met a slug; however I do know it was after moving to British Columbia.  Ryan and I were out on some trail and he introduced me to the slimy, slow moving blobs.  I was fascinated by the creature and sat and starred at it and scolded Ryan as he poked at it with a stick.  Ryan informed me that if you put salt on them they shrivel and while I have had no desire to try this tactic, it further piqued my curiosity of these mucousy critters.  From then on I take note of each slug that I meet, marveling at the particularly huge ones and making sure I introduce other non British Columbians to them at every opportunity. 
Now you may be wondering why am I going on about slugs?  Yes, I am intrigued by these slugs, perhaps more than I ought to be and perhaps because my first encounter with one happened so late in life.  But more than being intrigued I like what slug spotting signifies; it signifies being out in nature enjoying trails and foliage and trees and mountains and the wonderful smell of fresh air that accompanies these items.  So a few days ago while I was out for a walk and spotted some snails on the sidewalk it got me to thinking about the fact that I haven’t seen a slug in what seems like ages.  This got me itching to find myself in a place where I’d be able to officially welcome spring with my first hello to one of the slimy critters.  Here’s to hopes of lots of slug encounters this upcoming season.  And by all means, if you yourself have never met a slug, please do come for a visit and allow me the privilege of introducing you!