It’s Christmas Eve and the landscape outside my windows changes from a thicket of green to a blanket of white.  My babies are sleeping, at least for now, and there is nothing like big snowflakes falling to put me in the mood to write my long anticipated Christmas letter.

This is the year that has changed everything.  Last Christmas my mom asked me if there’d be more grandkids at Christmas next year.  She knew we had been trying to get pregnant for awhile and so my response was : “it depends how hard you pray.” Pray she must have!  What a shock to find out we were expecting twins this year (and my sister also became pregnant with her 5thchild).  Indeed our family is blessed with life this year!

We started our year with a trip to Ryan’s parents’ in Floridain January as we often do.  This trip was highlighted by a trip to the zoo, trips to the beach, crocodile spotting, and lots of pool time. When we arrived home we switched Rayna’s childcare to a preschool-like daycare called Treehouse.  Treehouse has become a wonderful experience for Rayna.  She loves the circle-time learning, crafts and art time, and the many friends she gets to play with.  Even as I am now on mat-leave Rayna continues to attend Treehouse 3 days a week which gives me a break and gives Rayna special time away from our home.

In February we found out that we were pregnant.  The pregnancy started off challenging and the answer to these challenges arrived at our 9 week ultrasound when we found out we would be having 2 babies! (You can read my blog for further thoughts on that surprise) With my twin pregnancy limiting my energy we had a bit of a quieter year.  We did go out to find snow in February with a trip to Manning Parkand hiked our last real hike for probably a while up Lindeman lake also in February.

Highlights of our spring and summer include a get away for 3 nights to Las Vegas where we slept in, relaxed and enjoyed our last stretch of solo time; extended family time at Harrison Hot Springs Resort (Rayna’s favorite local get-away); and a week at the Shuswaps with 3 other families of close friends.

Ryan has become addicted to playing pickleball at every opportunity and attended a number of tournaments in BC, Torontoand near Seattle this year.  He is in withdrawal as family demands limit his current playing time!

Now our family is learning what the new rhythms of life look like.  Nothing is simple! But we have been able to enjoy the Christmas parade, the Christmas Train and a Christmas party with friends and we plan to travel to Floridain February.

As my baby awakes I shall close by sending you all the Merriest Christmas wishes.  May you find joy and blessing in this wonderful season.

Much love from the Rosteks,

Ryan, Cheryl, Rayna, Garrett and Allison