Today I request prayer surrounding my appointment date with the oncologist.  My referral to the Cancer centre was delayed (the paperwork fell through the cracks) which I feel will not be a big deal if they expedite matters now.  However, my current initial appointment date with an oncologist is set for Nov. 23, 5 weeks post-op.  From my reading and talking to a knowledgeable friend, this may not be optimal and treatment should likely begin almost immediately.  We have pressed my GP (who is actually a brand new GP locuming for my physician who is away until the 17th) to persuade the neurologist to contact the oncologist which is apparently the only way to be seen before my given appointment date.  Pray that I will be given an earlier appointment date with the oncologist and be able to begin treatment promptly.  

Today I am thankful for:

– A calmness that is starting to enter daily life (may it translate into good nighttime sleep!)
–  Family dance party after supper!
– Warm sunshine
– An amazing husband to journey with