What’s new? Well I’m feeling pretty good….if I go to bed shortly after the kids.  The twins just seem to have rounded somewhat of a corner…hopefully!  Over the holidays and the past few weeks they have simply been cranky and exhausting.  This is trying.  This is the reality of parenting twin toddlers (they’re both walking now!).  But at least it seems I can handle full days if they are reprieved of children’s cries!  On that note, we’ve been having our nanny come full days 4 days a week.  This is a lovely, but temporary, arrangement.  Pray for us in figuring out childcare going into the future – both for determining what our needs will be and who we can get to meet our needs!

Please pray for Ryan as it is challenging to balance work, home, and my extra needs…. while trying to actually determine what a healthy balance even looks like.   

My radiation treatment is complete.  I have a one month break and then 6 rounds of chemo (1 week on, 3 weeks off).