Praise be to God for my comrades and co-survivors:
My husband, Ryan.  My brilliant, wise, and optimistic partner.  It’s been hard, for you, for me, for us.  It must have been tempting to run away, our family was crazy, crazy, crazy.  Thank you for sticking it out, learning by my side, and championing bringing humor and celebration into my life. I love you dearly.
My kids.  They keep me going, both literally (exhaustingly), and emotionally, praise God for Rayna’s complements, Garrett’s smiles, and Allison’s snuggles. 
My Mom.  There are not enough words to express how grateful I am for my Mom, a cancer survivor, twice over, herself.  I continue to have much to learn from my Mom and thank God for a first-hand role model of mothering well.  I want to write a book of the women of impact in my life, my Mom is top of that list!
My Dad.  Seeing and knowing and hearing how much my Dad loves me, respects me, and believes in me is exactly what a daughter longs for.  Thank you, Dad. I love you too and appreciate your visits and watching you play right on the floor with your grandkids.  You inspire me to keep giving you reasons to proudly say, “that’s my girl!”
My mother in law, Phyllis.  I think particularly to those initial days of diagnosis and how much you did for my twins.  And you continue to love and support me and our kids.  Thank you.  Your willingness to help and watch the kids and love on the kids is evident in the unparalleled relationship you have with our kids and is absolutely a major reason our family is able to thrive even in difficulty.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
My Father in law, Gerry.  Thank you for being willing to enable Ryan and I time away, by helping with the kids. And for being a major support to Ryan.
Josh and Cassie (my Brother in law and Sister in law) .  Thank you for your compassionate, genuine concern.  It’s palpable that you care about us deeply and that has blessed us.  Thank you for loving our kids, we are so grateful our children have you for auntie and uncle.  Thank you Cassie for making time to make Rayna feel so special by doing her hair fancy.  It means a lot to me that you take that time and I know no matter my energy level, my girls have an auntie able to help them see their beauty inside and out. 
Jason and Carmen (my sister and Brother-in-law).  Thank you for your visiting, and Jason, for enabling Carmen to come out for a couple of days without your kids.  There’s nothing quite like a sister to visit and do whatever comes up that needs to be done.  Thank you for praying. Thank you for calling.  Thank you for showing me what calm within chaos looks like!
Connect Group through First Ave Church. Phenomenal Support network here.  These couples as (mostly) strangers sought us out to give us support and then embraced us.  We are really learning what living in community means through these relationships.  It’s incredible. Thank you: Chris & Vicky, Dave & Crystal, Shawn & Andrea, Gavin & Rebecca, Kelly & Karina.

Girls Group: My like-minded friends committed to Jesus and to supporting one another whatever that looks like at that particular time.  Carmen, Vicky, Sarah, Rachel, Jocelyn : you girls are absolutely my comrades and co-survivors and never forget it!!!!!