My spiritual counselor (highly recommended by friends I deeply trust) roots herself in Christian mysticism. I’ll be honest this term ‘Christian mystic’ had me feeling uneasy. So I went reading more about it to ease my mind and soul. I came across this gem of a quote by CS Lewis that I’d like to share:

Discovering spirituality is like discovering you are in a boat. Mysticism is like pushing off from the dock. Since many leave safe mooring and perish in the waves, this is not to be done in a cavalier fashion – even though it can be exciting to push off into the deep.
The issue is not of whether we should push off, for Christians must do so as well if they intend to get anywhere (and that is what boats are for), but rather of where you are going…The Christian casts off from this world as well, but with clear intent to where he is headed, with the best of maps, circumspectly, deliberately.
The Christian Mystic arrives, against all dangers and odds. Thus we launch out with fear and trembling, but trust that He who commanded us to do so can calm the waves, and see us through to His real, safe port.
– C.S. Lewis