Today, for Father’s Day, I Honor my father and my children’s father. Dad, Ryan you deserve every celebration and every encouragement in your honor for fathering well. In April I had quite the revelation as I opened my eyes to others’ experiences. It made me very grateful for my dad and for my husband.

I can’t even imagine to have a father who doesn’t love me. I’m stopped because even that thought makes my heart ache –the hole it must leave in your heart to actually experience that must be infinite.

Every girl and woman longs to be cherished, to be affirmed that they are loved, and to be reminded that they are beautiful. This is a deep seated longing and we see the results of it not being fulfilled in our society. Fathers love on your daughters, it means EVERYTHING.

 Thank you Dad for loving me, always, for cherishing me, always. “That’s my girl.” You’d say with pride. Dad, I’ll always be your girl. Always. I love you and thank you for being present in my childhood and in my adulthood and now in my children’s lives also. It means everything.

Thank you, Ryan for loving and cherishing our beautiful daughters (and son). My soul is at peace knowing our girls have rich love being poured into their lives by their Dad (and that our son has a Dad to look up to in so many capacities). Never stop giving them affection, telling them they are beautiful, and delighting in them with gifts. This, I truly believe, will empower them to change the world in magnificent ways.

I can’t help but think of the verse: “love covers over a multitude of sins.” The deep love your fathering is rooted in covers over any inadequacies or failures.

Dad, Ryan, you HAVE changed my world and our children’s worlds and the world around us through your fathering. Thank you.

PS. Lucky us to have a heavenly Father who would do anything for His daughters. Always cherished, always treasured, always loved by the God who fills that gaping empty hole inside us. With His astounding grace He fills that hole that’s longing for hope, adoration, and love. He (God) is the answer. The One who never fails us and is ALWAYS there cheering us on with a celebratory bouquet in hand. Praise God for my Heavenly Father!