Below is a poem I penned while on a getaway with my Mom and my Sister.  We had the most lovely, relaxing time in the mountains of Canmore, AB.  During this time the poet within me began to get restless; ever since I’ve been able to write, but especially during adolescence, I have memories of penning poem after poem after poem.  Writing is a passion of mine, poetry is a key aspect of that passion (even if it has been latent for many years).  When writing prose I can hear my English teacher’s wise words echo in my head, “Just say what you mean.”  This is fantastic advice I continually return to. But this is also why I love poetry.  In poetry you don’t have to say exactly what you mean.  It is free and I love it!  I hope you this poem inspires you to keep your passions fueled and blazing!

The Poetry of Life
By Cheryl Rostek

Oh God, immerse me in the poetry of life;
For, Life has given me the gift of a second chance,
a second life renewed in resolve by the threat of death.
In this new life I shall be what I always dreamed to be: an author.  
I shall write you the beauties of this life
for they are too wonderful not to preserve. 
The gifts which God has so graciously granted me, 
necessitate a place of ink and paper. 
I shall journey into my soul 
and from there bring forth the treasures beset by my Savior, the Lord Himself.  
He is a mystery as mysterious as the words of poetry themselves.
Praise God! I have been given this second chance 
to pen the marvels of my Mighty maker, 
my Sustainer, 
and my Hope.