There is much I could share today.  I could write volumes about the significance of today and the journey of the past 3 years.  One blog at a time, one book at a time I have shared and will continue to share my story.

Today I focus on the one pivotal piece: what has been the most important factor in my longevity and tremendous quality of life?

It’s all rooted in my faith.

Yes, I’ve had 2 big wrestling matches with God and with my faith.  (They were necessary for me to determine if my belief structure held valid when facing death and existential questions square in the face.)

Yes, I’ve studied and uncovered much about my personality, human nature, trauma, anxiety, perfectionism, vulnerability, shame, the power of community, visualization, meditation, mindfulness, rest, and creativity. (These specifics are important and I’ll speak about them in my upcoming book).


My conclusion: to this point all that I’ve learned and experienced validate and confirm my belief structure, faith, and the importance of spirituality.

My faith has empowered me to believe for the impossible.
My faith has empowered me to accept grace and be gracious with myself.
My faith has empowered me to be courageous and vulnerable in the face of uncertainty.
My faith has empowered me to release shame, perfectionism, and people-pleasing.
My faith has empowered me to hope.
My faith has empowered me to live my very best life.

Today I reflect on fighting for my life.  This fight has been physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  I now see these aspects of myself are completely intertwined.  As I care for my spiritual health, my physical, emotional, and mental health all benefit too, and vice versa.

Therefore, I aim to tend to ALL aspects of my health.  And for me, everything falls beautifully into place when I start with my spiritual self.  So today I quote Psalm 9:1-2 (MSG):

I’m thanking you, God, from a full heart.
I’m writing the book of your wonders


                            JUMPING FOR JOY.
I’m singing your song high God.


Regardless of your faith, would you join me in celebrating? Would you join me whistling, laughing and jumping for joy?

Because a good party is cancer-crushing

and because

Today is a good day!