Advent Letter 2023


“I’m very delighted to be with you in Advent. I look forward to hearing why it is ‘just the best ' for you :)” Lorie, my former spiritual director, now facilitator of a spiritual circle

Advent Letter 20232023-12-07T13:03:03-08:00

Advent Letter 2022


Advent In the Christian tradition we have entered Advent: the anticipation of Jesus’ arrival, the anticipation of Christmas. Christmas: “the most wonderful time of the year”. My heart trills, giddy with expectation for the delight

Advent Letter 20222022-12-06T10:31:52-08:00

Advent Letter 2021


Advent Letter 2021   Opening remarks For my global community: Anyone done with waiting for Covid to stop interfering (or worse) with your life? For my local BC community: Anyone done with waiting for the

Advent Letter 20212021-12-04T21:38:25-08:00

Advent Letter 2020


I sat down a couple days ago to write my annual Advent letter, I had all these ideas of what I wanted to say on Faith, Hope and Love which I explore extensively in my

Advent Letter 20202020-12-05T11:54:04-08:00

Advent Letter 2019


This post is dedicated to the loving memory of my friend, Charlene Krause. I tried to start writing this letter explaining it’s purpose, explaining my history of writing Advent letters, and the purpose of

Advent Letter 20192019-12-03T14:50:38-08:00
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