The Dark Night of the Soul


Meeting with God “Where do you meet with God?” The leader of the meditation/spiritual circle I attend on Friday mornings asked. “Close your eyes and see what comes up for you.” I sat amongst the

The Dark Night of the Soul2024-01-23T11:14:54-08:00

Advent Letter 2023


“I’m very delighted to be with you in Advent. I look forward to hearing why it is ‘just the best ' for you :)” Lorie, my former spiritual director, now facilitator of a spiritual circle

Advent Letter 20232023-12-07T13:03:03-08:00

We Must Get Home


Anxiety Anxiety found me yesterday, making it difficult to cook dinner, squeezing my chest and this time churning in my gut. How odd my jaw is relaxed I think. As I try to determine the

We Must Get Home2023-11-15T12:53:09-08:00

Letting Go


“Here's the thing. Your career won't take care of you. .. It’s never going to leave its wife. It will never marry you… your career is a bad boyfriend, it is healthy to remember you

Letting Go2023-05-13T17:07:21-07:00

Six Year Glioblastoma Survivor!


Survivor Anniversary A week ago my friend, Sarah, asked me, “How does it feel? Your six year survivor anniversary is approaching?”  Honestly, I hadn’t even kinda thought about it. The weather has been hot and

Six Year Glioblastoma Survivor!2022-10-04T16:32:13-07:00

“After” Cancer


Introduction Hello, blogreaders, oh how I’ve missed you! It’s so nice to spend some time together again, and boy do I have a treat for you today: reflections from writing my memoir, a memoir excerpt,

“After” Cancer2022-04-22T12:49:26-07:00

Advent Letter 2021


Advent Letter 2021   Opening remarks For my global community: Anyone done with waiting for Covid to stop interfering (or worse) with your life? For my local BC community: Anyone done with waiting for the

Advent Letter 20212021-12-04T21:38:25-08:00
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