MRI Day…and Results


MRI Day   Scantastic “How was your MRI?” My husband, Ryan, asks when I walk through the backdoor. “Was it scantastic?” I chuckle and think, kinda. Remembering the throat squeezing scanxiety I used to face

MRI Day…and Results2023-01-27T15:56:28-08:00

MRI Results: Appointment Day


I'm unsettled this morning, waiting for my afternoon oncologist appointment. Don't tell me I shouldn't be terrified of hearing my MRI results today. I am terrified. I've been making granola for an hour but I

MRI Results: Appointment Day2021-07-24T10:24:52-07:00

MRI Results and Memoir Sneak Peek #2


This excerpt from my memoir discusses the difficulties of  “the wilderness”- the post-treatment zone of incurable cancer- with a glimpse of events from just last week. Note: "scanxiety" is what the cancer-world calls anxiety about

MRI Results and Memoir Sneak Peek #22021-02-01T11:28:51-08:00
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