“After” Cancer


Introduction Hello, blogreaders, oh how I’ve missed you! It’s so nice to spend some time together again, and boy do I have a treat for you today: reflections from writing my memoir, a memoir excerpt,

“After” Cancer2022-04-22T12:49:26-07:00

Spring Cleaning Part 1: My Soul


 Announcements of the imminent arrival of SPRING surround me. Songbirds sing in the trees, pastel Easter wreaths decorate neighborhood doors and I insist that, yes child, it’s time to put away your (pretty) reindeer winter

Spring Cleaning Part 1: My Soul2021-03-31T13:56:11-07:00

Life is a Symphony


Ok folks, here it is: an Easter Blog post highlighting my heightened need these days to experience and express grace.  I’ve been working on this 15 minutes at time whenever I get the chance between

Life is a Symphony2020-04-11T13:53:46-07:00

“hi, anxiety”


I went to get a picture of my brain yesterday (how I describe it to my young kids): my MRI to see if the glioblastoma brain cancer tumor in my head is growing. Today anxiety

“hi, anxiety”2020-02-06T12:05:47-08:00
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