Let me talk about my husband. My husband loves me selflessly. I am so incredibly blessed to have Ryan as my husband. I cherish him. I love him. And I fail him so often. Tonight I was cleaning the bathroom, listening to music. I found myself in an interesting place. A place where I was having such a great time of reflection (while cleaning!). This brought me to a place of appreciation for my husband. The train of thought flows because he now does all the grocery shopping, he frequently cleans the bathrooms, and he never complains about it. He does this as a service act of love for me. Does he like to grocery shop and clean the bathrooms? No. My husband picks up my books from the library and drops them off. He puts gas in my car. He thanks me for working. My husband is my companion. We enjoy leisure together in so many different ways. I do not stop and take the time to think about my husband, to think about this gift in my life. He is there daily, and I have been arrogant to take it for granted. I love Ryan dearly. He is growing into an even more amazing man. He is seeking his passions: he is writing music, enjoying music. He is seeking God and I know that he will find God in crazy ways he could never have imagined. I have prayed for my husband to find his passions, because Ryan is a go-getter, a leader, an innovative thinker and when he captures a passionate dream, watch out. I like the way my husband thinks. I like that I think differently than he. My husband has taught me much. He has taught me to be active, not to let my thoughts mull around, but to decide and do. He has taught me not to look back, but to keep pressing ahead. He has taught me that life is worth celebrating, and that nothing in life is too serious. Ryan I am blessed to be your wife. Ryan you are the most blessed gift. Each day is a gift. Isn’t it amazing how we have grown?