The relationship of sisters is unique, special, and irreplaceable and my relationship with my sister is full of love. As the younger sibling my relationship with my sister has existed forever and it’s both nostalgic as well as interesting to look back on it. We have journeyed through different places and stages in life, together and apart. In some ways we are so similar and then in others so very different. More recently the thought has been floating around in my head of how I, the younger sister, was married first, so now it feels only ‘right’ and ‘good’ that my sister started her family before me. And I like to watch how she interacts with her children and goes about raising her kids; I like that I have a big sister who has been there already, who will have tips for me when I have kids, and has forged a trail in this field for me to follow in.

Keep the above in mind as you read these words which I wrote about my sister after returning from our family vacation in Maui. I was taken by my sister’s beauty on this trip and I want to honor her here with the following words.

I think about my sister. This past week I watched my sister. I watched her because she is more beautiful than I have ever seen her. She is beautiful. I want to leave my explanation as that because I think that words won’t properly describe this beauty. She is happy and content and has no deep rooted worry and this glows on her face. She loves her family. She is a “good” mom. I told her as I hugged her goodbye at the airport, “You look good”. She replies with a question mark “Thanks?”. I tell her “motherhood looks good on you” or maybe it was “motherhood is treating you well.” What I failed to express is that I hope I will be as good of a mother as she is. I hope I will handle life with young children with the same apparent effortlessness. I hope I will look more beautiful then, than I do today.
I love you Carmen 🙂