My prayer of Thanks:

“Lord I am content. I thank you for the place you have set me. I thank you for my education for my job, for bringing us to Chilliwack and going before us to build relationships and give us a church to grow in and give to. I have a wonderful marriage, thank you for my husband. I have health, I have the ability to read your word and grow.”

The Lord hears the prayers of his children. We’ve been here in Chilliwack for a year and a half and it is only now that I realize what God have given: the answer to prayer. I prayed in the season before we moved out here that God would bless this next season of life and I felt confident that God had plans for us in Chilliwack. I also prayed specifically (I read it now in my old journal) for relationships:

June 24/09 “I pray for relationships, go before Ryan and I to prepare people and circumstances that we would connect meaningfully with others and build lasting relationships”

Aug 3 “May Ryan and I find Rich relationships.”

Aug 4 “Lord bless Ryan and I with relationships; strong relationships that build us up and thru which we can build others up.”

Over and over I prayed for relationships and to be built into a strong community; these are just a selection of those prayers. We have mentioned it time and time again how we are so connected here. We are connected in our church and through our church we have opportunity to join in people’s lives in our small group. Through Ryan’s brother we have met a support network of friends that is beyond any other. They have welcomed us in and loved us and in this short time that we have known them, they are so absolutely dear to us. Then there are other friends we have made through church and I am blessed with such wonderful coworkers at work.

I thank God for the relationships He has given us here in Chilliwack. And I thank God, for those dear people who don’t live in Chilliwack, our friends who we are blessed to continue in relationship with even though we now live apart. We are blessed all around!

The Lord has graciously provided and answered our prayer for wonderful relationships and I thank you and praise you God for doing so!