Yesterday morning I had a mini epiphany. I was drinking my tea thinking about the prior day, enjoying a few moments of relaxation before heading to work for 8AM. Work these days has felt just like that: work. I find myself daydreaming of being back in Kauai, I struggle with having a good attitude about going to work ready to work, I have to push myself not just to coast as much as possible, and I’ve glanced at the clock to count down the hours numerous times when that’s not usually a habit of mine. So I am trying to have a good attitude about work, but it is hard and I feel tired from the culmination of being busy beyond the hours of my full time job.

So yesterday in my brief moments before I headed out the door a conversation from my previous work day played through my head. One of our regular patients told me she was glad I keep working at our pharmacy. My reply was an unhesitated “of course!”. We had a lovely conversation in which she voiced her appreciation of me and the service I provide to her at work. We further spoke of family and the anticipation of my own. It wasn’t until nearly a day later that I realized the significance of how she phrased her words and how I quickly replied. She was glad I continue to work at Walmart pharmacy in Chilliwack. You see as of late I ask myself sometimes why I keep working. But ‘of course’ the reason is my opportunity to serve well and interact with people so special like Mrs. D. I feel like God used this woman’s words to encourage me in my work and remind me of the opportunities my job affords me.

This interaction with my patient makes me think of what’s been on my mind and heart lately. My heart has been pulled with compassion for the elderly. This is a demographic I have long been fond of, but I have been so busy lately that I haven’t made opportunity to focus on this passion. I strongly believe in the great value of elderly individuals and fully acknowledge that our society is structured to view them as inconveniences. The result is that if an elderly person does not have a strong advocate who can navigate our fast-paced, information overloaded society well, their needs are neglected and their quality of life is diminished. There are so many elderly individuals who need stand-in advocates for them, or simply need a friend to share company with. So what is the answer? It’s a big question, but I know what my answer can be. Befriend one senior at a time. You see, one of my dearest friends of my lifetime was an elderly, blind woman who has impacted my life immeasurably. I am rediscovering my passion, and isn’t that what life is all about? As I’ve read through the scripture this past year, verses that remind us to care for the poor, love the underprivileged, have bothered me. Because I ask, what am I doing? But these verses mention a wide group of people: poor, homeless, widows, disadvantaged and neglected. I am starting to see what these verses are spurring me to do. Love my elders, and find even just one person who needs some extra love and dish it out.

(Thank you mom for fostering a love of seniors in my heart and for teaching me through your words and actions compassion that is both practical and meaningful. The older I get the more I see I have much yet to learn from you, mom. Love you!)