Nov 19 2016

Today I face a spiritual battle.  My spirits have been dampened.  I’ve felt discouraged.  This is despite feeling great physically.  The neurologist gave me the all-clear to run, so I added some run intervals into my walk yesterday and it made me feel alive!  Today we pack for Disneylandand anticipate an unparalleled experience with our delightful firstborn daughter.  We are going to the place where dreams come true!  God answered prayer and we have hired a nanny who we are thrilled to welcome into our home and lives.  I’ve got a naturopath lined up. I really like my oncologists and feel encouraged after leaving the cancer centre.  I had a lovely visit with my sister, who flew out for 3 days, this week.  Everything feels like its working out so well, and then I couldn’t figure out why I was feeling down. 

I had a message from my close friend asking how I was.  As I replied to her, I came to realize Satan is trying to steal my joy.  But it is not his to take.  I invited my close friends to pray against this spiritual attack of discouragement.  I invite you to do the same.  This is a new realm for me; but it is beginning to feel very real. It is spiritual warfare.  I claim the promises of God and intend to stand on them.  I stand on the powerful name of Jesus.  Daily I have much to rejoice in.  These are the joys of now:

       Starting to run again!

       Finding a nanny who is extremely flexible and lovely

       Feeling like I’m “normal”, I don’t feel an ounce sick.

Prayer requests:

       Spiritual strength and wisdom, there is a lot to my faith and to spirituality that I    have never explored before

       A delightful and relaxed time in Disneyland

       Health for my family, we are in cough and cold season

       Wisdom in discerning diet choices and resources to implement them (I’ve started a no grains diet, but am still trying to sort the finer details out and figure out practical matters and how this translates into our whole family’s diet)

Thank you all for your support, love, concern, and PRAYER.  Each step the support surrounding me is more cherished and vital.