Most of my health status remains unchanged and my energy is slowly and seemingly continually, improving. My vision is stable, slightly wonky but unchanged as long as I get adequate rest and nutrition.  I tolerated my last round of chemo the best yet with only mild fatigue.  I only have 2 more rounds of chemo!!!!  Slowly (and sporadically), my physical activity is increasing and I am becoming used to the cyclic nature of energy ups and downs related to chemo.  See below for more health specifics.
Praise God for:
– My sick leave benefits
– Stefanie, our nanny, and her continued lovely presence in our home 4 days a week
– (that sick leave benefits allow finances to pay Stefanie!)
– Physical activity re-entering my life and our weekends transitioning from crazy, chaos awfulness to soul-filling (still tiring 😉 family activities like time at the splash park and a nature walk at Flood Falls by Hope this past weekend.
– A steadiness of my heart
– Our community of support
Pray for:
– Healing! (See last post)
– Sustained energy to enjoy my family
– Marriage strength – Our marriage is strong, but the pressures on it with our family and health demands are apparent
– Good report (no tumor growth) on my MRI early June
– Energy for increasing physical activity, which I so love to participate in
– Wisdom in pursuing new passionate ideas ever brewing in my head: to be wise to follow my heart in these areas, but to be patient and also wise in allocating my energy.
– Helpful tips from the dietician next week to have health-filled as well as practical advice in order to “fuel” my body well
– Summer holidays!!! We will be away from home for over 3 weeks — Heading to the Shuswaps for a week with friends, visiting in Saskatchewan, then spending a week at family at Camp Oshkidee.  Lots of kilometers and different sleeping arrangements.  I’m trusting that the craziness would be well out-weighed by the sweet family, friends, nature, and God time!  Pray for the preparations and for a calm spirit preparing for and embarking on this adventure. 

I love you and I depend on you, my supporters.  Thank you.