Let me be quite frank with you: I’m dying. 
But, you know what? So are you.
I am 35 years old and live with a diagnosis with dismal statistics.  It has forced me to acknowledge a truth which most of my peers find irrelevant, terrifying, or uncomfortable and thus ignore: mortality.  I voiced to my precious friend a sadness I experienced resultant of being at family camp. At family camp I had such joy with my family.  Watching teenagers have lake-fun with their families, I long (and pray) to be able to have that for my family. I really enjoy teenagers, I want to enjoy MINE.  My friend replied profoundly: “NOBODY is guaranteed years ahead. NOBODY with small children is guaranteed to see their children into adolescence.  Anyone who thinks they are has their head in the sand.”  Oh, how many of us live with our heads in the sand?!     

No one is guaranteed tomorrow; but, Jesus Christ promises reason to rejoice everyday that is today!  

Psalm 139:12 says “To [God] the night shines as bright as day.”
My paraphrase: “With Jesus struggles are as sweet as celebration”
It’s a dark world out there. Maybe you’re aware and the darkness is right in your face. Maybe you’re too busy to notice, you can’t stop because if you pause the void will consume you. Maybe others’ stories make you uncomfortable because when you hear them from actual lips you realize this is someone else’s reality. Maybe you feel like most of my peers: immortal – even though we know death is a natural end we avoid it and avoid considering it at all costs. Maybe in your self-created comfort you long for a ‘more’ that feels so elusive.
My friends, Jesus has lit up a path for life which leads you along rich, abundant, vibrant life! Now just to be clear this is not easy life. It is not comfortable life. But it isthe adventure worth living for. It’s the more life, the better life!  It’s a life of believing that Jesus loved me so much He would die for me. Of believing that the darkness of this world is overcome because Jesus in His Mighty power didn’t stay dead; but that he defied death by being raised from the dead to forgive our unforgivables. This is a path of knowing the light that God brings to the darkness. It’s the path of experiencing the Hope in the hopelessness of life that is only possible through a Savior!
 (And for you who hold this truth as ‘common knowledge’, can I remind you: shout it from your rooftop! live it with your love!)
I close by asking you to look at this image. While at Camp Oshkidee, one evening the moon reflected spectacularly off the lake, very much like in this picture. I stopped to take it in. Breathing deep the rich forest air I was reminded that God brings light to my darkness- and it is incomparably beautiful.  Contemplating your mortality may seem dark; but it is a truth you cannot argue with.  I invite you, bring God into that darkness, He’ll light up every corner of your life.