(Ryan’s 96 year old Grandma Rostek passed away this week.  This is the tribute I wrote for her memorial:) 

Proverbs 31:28 “Her children stand and bless her.”
Grandparents are very special to me and you Grandma, were a gift.  Marrying your very amazing grandson, Ryan, brought you into my life. And for that I am so thankful.
You always made me smile, Grandma.  You had a way about you which was just so endearing and your hospitality was unparalleled.  Gatherings were centered on plenty of delicious food (I do miss your Christmas cake at Christmastime!); but your hospitality was more than just the heaps of food you forcefully put on our plates. You loved people.  You loved having people around and you loved engaging people in conversation.  You made conversation with anyone, even when you were too deaf to properly hear their responses you tried your very hardest to talk to everyone. Grandma, your hospitality made it so easy to love you and to love spending time with you.
Speaking of spending time together, perhaps my fondest memories with you are of the 2 of us making perogies: rolling dough and freezing pan after pan of delicious perogies.  You were happy to be busy working productively in the kitchen and I was happy to be relearning the art of making my favorite childhood food!  What simple, but special memories!
Grandma, I don’t think you ever thought of yourself as old.  I remember one time about 10 years ago when you looked at a picture and seemed so appalled, saying, “But, I look so ….. old.” Yes, Grandma, most people consider much younger than 85 to be old; I’m glad you didn’t.  You lived a motto which I sum up as: “You’re only as old as you think you are.”  This determined way of living, alongside your faith in God, encourages me to live strongly and courageously in the LORD, and I thank you for that!
Grandma I smile when I think of you in heaven.  You were committed to God and now you live in the very home He specially prepared for you!  But, mostly I smile because I think you are dancing again.  You told me once how you loved dancing but that you stopped when you became a Christian.  This was hard for you because you really missed dancing.  Well, I believe there’s dancing in heaven; so, I feel confident that you are dancing once again, this time in the very presence of Jesus himself!
Grandma, it was very important for you to always wave goodbye, from the doorway or the window, when we were leaving your place. As such, I feel that you must have been waving goodbye as you passed from this earth to heaven; quickly shuffling to some celestial window to bid your family farewell with a queen-like wave.  And Grandma, one last time we wave back and we thank you for the legacy, your legacy, which we’re a part of.

You loved your family, Grandma, and we love you!