Ryan and I are in Las Vegas celebrating our (belated) 15 year anniversary and my 1 year survivor anniversary.  We flew in Monday (Oct 2/17).
    I awoke Monday morning and had a message from my friend asking if we were ok, she thought we were in Vegas already.  I checked Vegas news. I started shaking. This devastating shooting happened from the hotel (Mandalay Bay) we were to be staying at that night.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  We wouldn’t have been at the concert, but news reports since make it clear that if we had arrived 1 day earlier that Sunday night for us would have been frightening chaos.  We would have likely been in our hotel room at the time of the shooting where we would have been frantically evacuated by police (required to leave our belongings).  I was shaken enough just hearing this news.  I am grateful to not have had to go through the turmoil.
    Last minute at the airport we were able to book into a new hotel and are relaxing in “Paris” and it is lovely. In my gratitude for being able to still enjoy my vacation my heart weighs heavy.  The devastation to so many lives is saddening.  My humanity aches for the families of those lost. The darkness of this act is pitch black.
    ‎I revisit the reality that our days are numbered.  But most of all  ‎I cling to the Light of God to blot out this darkness.  I am overcome with the belief that only the light of God can heal such devastation.  Only the light of God can bring the Hope that’s needed in such hopelessness.
    ‎ My God is good.  All the time He is good.