Here in the Fraser Valley, BC it is extremely late for a snowfall in March.  It is unusual and yet beautifully delightful for the poet in me. The flakes are huge, gorgeous and romantic. (My 3 year old daughter just called it “dancing snow”! I love it!)  I have been working on poetry more often, keeping it mostly private for now, hoping to work on a compilation shortly.  But today I will share the poem that came when I was walking home from dropping my daughter off at school.  A few months ago I wrote in my journal: “Cheryl, rediscover the poet in you, even if you think she is weird.”
I chuckle at myself.   But in embracing the poet in myself (for those of you who know Enneagram personality stuff, the “4” in me)  I will share the poem I wrote today. My hope is that it will bring you an increased measure of Joy in your day.  The “scientist” within me has provided a commentary below. Wink wink.
Joy Is
Joy is the delight of moisture on my brow that makes my heart thrill.
It is the snowy rain that whets my soul
It is the sweat upon my forehead
Reminding me I am still alive

Joy is the mystery that finds me satisfied
In snow
In rain
In desert storms.

Joy is the fuel that propels me forward gliding through my days
Though the forces of friction in my life
Are strong
Warring against me
With so much might.

Joy is the salve my wounded heart needs.
It is the beauty in the world that can ALWAYS be found
When eyes are open and prepared.

Joy is the goodness in this LIFE
available every day
In all these moments
That try to pass us by in hurried fashion.
Joy is the gift for those who slow their pace.

Joy is the little humans inhabiting my home, my heart, my entire world
With so much energy and innocence,
wonder and belief.

Oh thank you God!
That joy is mine.

The idea that joy can be found despite life’s circumstances is wild and uncommon; but, so very life giving!  Who wouldn’t want joy everyday?! Doesn’t the idea that joy can be found in all of life’s circumstances, make the slog of life more bearable? My personal mandate is to find HOPE in “hopeless” situations and to help others do the same.  A huge piece of finding hope in dismal days is opening your heart to beauty, to love, to courage, to vulnerability, to spirituality, to faith. 
I love Brene Brown.  She teaches that courage requires vulnerability.  Furthermore, she says, “faith is the vulnerability that flows between the shores of certainty.”  She also says “spirituality is inherently vulnerable.”
I love these words.  They resonate deeply with me.  Spirituality and faith are so important, especially in times where joy and hope feel scarce.
I have personally found the ability to find joy and hope in crappy times of life through the power of Jesus Christ (spirituality, faith and therefore inherent vulnerability).  I need something much bigger than myself when everything is falling apart or when nothing seems to make sense or when I reach a dead-end in life *.  Jesus and his life-giving power is my “something bigger than myself”.   I’ve shared in the past how before my twins were born I posted this verse on my wall:
Psalm 118:24 “This is the day that the LORD has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”
I knew being a twin mom was going to be difficult (understatement!!!!) so valiantly I was going to find my joy in the Lord during those days.  Insert belly laugh for my blind ambition and naivety.  Ironically (but Jesus is full of irony and upside down wisdom), I did not grasp the true essence of this verse until brain cancer entered my head and my world and my life was unraveling in front of me.  It was thenthat I began to see, though I don’t control and choose what life throws at me, you can be sure I DO control and choose my response and attitude to it.    
How do I rejoice and be glad about each day?  I choose to find Joy every day.  For me and my personal faith that means that I choose to believe that I am empowered by the Holy Spirit living inside me who enables me to see joy in these little moments (which in culmination are HUGE moments).
Brene brown further says (Oh my perfectionist and performance driven, -ennaegram #3- self needed to hear this one!): “in the ordinary moments of our lives is where we can find the most joy.”
The most joy is found in ordinary moments when we have eyes, hearts, spirits open to see, feel, experience.
This is good news people!  Joy is attainable for all of us, everyday!  Wow!  Let’s spread this good news!  It is absolutely LIFE CHANGING!!!!!
Choose joy.  Share joy.  Create Joy. Find Joy. Proclaim Joy. Spread Joy! Let’s make our world a more joyous place!!!
*(and indeed even when life seems to be traipsing along just nicely)