I’ve been meaning to post this since I got good MRI results 2 weeks ago, yay!; however, finally getting to it right before Easter seems fitting. This image is my “vision board” (a visual of things we are believing in God’s name for) I made at a women’s event at my church in Spring 2017 (the word “healed” is overtop the image of a brain). I was hesitant and unsure to create this, because the medical community says there is no way I can be healed: glioblastoma is incurable. Why should I believe for something that is not possible?

Well let me tell you! My journey towards increased faith has been tremendous this past 2 years. And my church has been absolutely vital in this! I cannot thank them enough for their amazing, empowering leadership into “believing”. THANK YOU!!! It is this church that has helped me move from timidly putting the “impossible” on my vision board to a position of faith where I am believing for complete healing!

(And from an evidence based science standpoint my oncologist is furthermore encouraging me to visualize my energy and health  improving in order to make it so…that’s a blogpost or BOOK of its own- but it’s fascinating how I’m experiencing spirituality intersecting with science)

I admit I asked my counselor if it is okay to live like I’ve been cured. His reply: “Well, do you want to live like your dying instead?” No absolutely not!!! Instead I choose to believe that I am living proof that with God nothing is Impossible!!!!

My MRI Results? No signs of cancer and I don’t have to go back for 5 months! AND there’s no reason I shouldn’t regain my FULL energy levels. This. Feels. HUGE!

Next steps? My plan is to write a book about my cancer journey, empowering others to thrive too!