It is time for me to press into being a writer.  This scares me. It’s unknown terrain and it means (at least for a season) I am setting aside my straight forward profession of being pharmacist. My first day working in the pharmacy dispensary I said, “I am NEVER changing careers again!!”. Well, brain cancer has thrust me here and God has gently, persistently nudged me further.  I’ve been pushing back, but I’ve come through a year of tremendous growth. And so, it’s time.
I invite you to journey with me as I seriously press in to writing (and publishing 😬)a book about my journey battling glioblastoma as well as editting the novel I started writing 10 years ago, which became a bucket list item to finish and publish when brain cancer entered my life. I appreciate the company ❤️ (did I mention I know NOTHING about publishing?!)
 It’s like the pink Cyclone waterslide at West Edmonton Mall that I daringly went on in Jan.😬 (See pic below to understand what the slide is like- they lock you in the slide and the floor drops out on you!): Terrifying and exhilarating! I look forward to having you on my journey!