I picked up “Befriending the Stranger” by Jean Vanier in the thrift store the other day. I almost didn’t buy it, one more thing to declutter later… But I like Jean Vanier and my daughter was making a purchase so I thought “sure it’s only 50 cents”.  Well turns out this book is amazing and so full of wisdom about identity, the strength of weakness, vulnerability, grace, grieving the loss that certain callings on life require and SO much more that affirms what I’ve been learning and wanting to learn this past year with tremendous clarity.

Others may call it coincidence or serendipity.  I call it Jesus walloping me in the face. Whatever you call it, I’m wanting more because the more I press in the more ALIVE than ever I feel. And I fully agree with Jean, “Jesus yearns for us to become fully alive and so to communicate life to others.”

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