Blackberries!!!!  I had a wonderful time with my kids by the River Park here in beautiful Chilliwack BC, complete with a blackberry picking stroll.  This 3 year old tried following me into the bushes to grab her own fruit.  But the thing with blackberry bushes is their thorns are nasty and seem to come alive and snarl you- cutting your skin, entangling your clothing.  Picking these berries is a risky endeavor.
This got me thinking about life.  The past 3-4 years were VERY challenging filled with mothering twin babies, facing my death sentence diagnosis of glioblastoma, and the trauma that ensued. These are the nasty thorns I’ve had to press through.  **BUT** the fruit I’ve harvested from being forced to go deep into the thorns and get cut up (and choosing to keep pressing through):  love, joy, peace, hope, goodness.  This is the very fruit that I’ve discovered in my glioblastoma-driven spiritual awakening.  And let me tell you, THIS fruit is the sweetest!
What have the thorns and the blackberries looked like in your life?  Share below or send me a note at