Okay so not the best picture of me, but I suppose that’s part of the point as I invite you more intimately into my journey with Glioblastoma.
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Today is MRI day.  In the past I’ve kept my MRI date and results day secret, except to my closest circle, for fear of not having good news to share.  Anxiety used to saturate the gap between MRI and results.  Today during my 30 minute MRI I practiced some of the measures that have empowered me to say “goodbye” to anxiety during this gap.  Namely mindfulness, meditation, systematic relaxation, gratitude, and faith. 
Does anxiety still try to surface? Yes! Just last night I had a moment of fright, “what if the results show tumor growth?!” (Every single MRI!). But by recognizing these anxiety inducing thoughts quickly, I can squash them by pressing into what I know to be true in this very moment (because no one knows their futures right?!) Life is a good and precious gift, today is a great day and I will not dismiss today’s life and joy by worrying about tomorrow’s problems.

Let’s expect good things together, are you with me?!