Thin Places


Introduction When glioblastoma thrust me close to death I was intimately aware of the Divine. She was readily within reach; I touched the corner of Her cloak. Brain cancer had transported me to a “thin

Thin Places2024-02-21T12:13:15-08:00

Love is the pathway


End of Life Wisdom I have learned over the past few years that love is a reliable pathway. (disclaimer- I'm uncertain of *where* exactly this pathway will take me - maybe that's part of the

Love is the pathway2022-09-09T13:16:58-07:00

Wonderfully Made


Wonderfully made Today I marvel at how wonderfully I've been made. I kinda thought my body, my immune system, had let me down allowing cancer to set up a proliferating camp in my brain, but

Wonderfully Made2022-09-08T12:33:46-07:00

Facing the Brutal Facts of Life


If you know me well, you know that I LOVE Brene Brown, her books and her teaching.  I appreciate her authenticity and wholehearted approach to life.  Part of her definition of wholeheartedness is accepting

Facing the Brutal Facts of Life2019-10-20T22:42:32-07:00

Sept 17 Gratitude: Grace


Today I am grateful for grace.  For freedom and release from trying to measure up.  Editorial note:. This sat on my computer unposted for ... Awhile. It felt Ugh. I wondered: is this post too

Sept 17 Gratitude: Grace2019-09-19T19:58:45-07:00

September 15 Gratitude: my husband


<<September 15 Gratitude>> This man, my husband♥️..Today my gratitude is for Ryan, my husband, who I fell in love with at 18 years old, who 20 years later is still the love of my life.

September 15 Gratitude: my husband2019-09-19T19:58:50-07:00
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