The beautiful Ugly
Behold the beauty around you.
Do not let it pass you on by
As you
            Flutter around frantic
As you
As you
As you mess up. And again mess up. And can’t seem to get it right.
Lift your head up so you can see.
Open your eyes so you can engage.
Let your heart flood your being and pour into your mouth so you can truly acknowledge:
The beauty. Everywhere.
The beauty is there. Find it.
Find it so that
Cancer isn’t center stage –
            Living is
Find it so that
Children know they are so deeply loved and in that confidence they can change the world – starting today
Find it so that
            You fling open the doors of every opportunity you’ve wanted to explore.
Find it so that
You slow down the hurricane that rages in the frantic, full, frenzied lives of our our society
Find your humanity, your humanness, because it is a broad canvas for the beauty I speak of.
And seek out love.
The fuel of love is the ONLY way to wage war in the fight for beauty. 
Do not be deceived, we have to FIGHT for it!
Lies abound.
Our enemy Satan starts lies in our heads, he continues them into our society propagating them into peoples’ lives at every opportunity
Fight with me.
I fight:
I fight to see beauty.
I cling to the unfailing love of God.
It fuels me.
To keep seeing beauty.
To keep fighting to see the beauty. 
To declare:
“Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.” (I Cor. 13:7)
And I fight against these for myself and for others:
Lies of inadequacy
Lies of worthlessness starting with my dreams
(My children, never stop dreaming, trying out your dreams, and living your dreams.)
Lies of shame
Lies of powerlessness
I claim this truth instead:

I am so valuable. I am so loved. I have so much value to pour into others. Everyday. Every. Day.