It’s becoming harder to write.  My head is fuzzier and stringing thoughts together takes more concentration than I would like.  But you can be certain that I still have so much to say! And so, I will just keep fighting harder to keep sharing my journey and how God is speaking into this journey that life is taking me on.  Thank you for joining me here.  Thank you for replying with notes of encouragement.  They are incredibly valuable to me.  My email is for those who don’t have it.  I do not promise to always reply, or sometimes it takes up to a month.  But I thank you to those who have taken time to write me.  And thank you for your prayers.  Keep praying.  during my chemo treatment and “recovery” I find it hard to formulate prayers of my own.  I depend on yours and thank you for them.  Prayer is so powerful!
On a practical note, people are asking us how they can help.  We have many needs coming up.  Our nanny is going away for a week on April 3.  My parents left today.  Ryan’s mom won’t be able to lift the twins for another couple months due to her hip replacement (She had been helping us Sat and Monday mornings).  I am still tired from the crazy week of illness and chemo and am trying to recuperate myself before next chemo round (starts April 6).  My friend has started a meal/help train website for us. 

I direct you there to sign up to help us out if that is something within your means and abilities.  (note our average daily schedule is Rise Early, our nanny comes at 9, twins and Rayna play/hopefully get outside in the morning, lunch then naps (usually ~2 hours long) around 12:30.  Supper around 5PM, bedtime around 7 PM. Note: Rayna is away from home on Wed, Thurs, Fri.)